The castles in Lomnice and Luhačovice along with the estates were returned to their rightful owner from 2016 onwards. Thanks to that Isabella Serényi, daughter of the last owner Alois Serényi, was able to return to her home at the end of her life. At that time her name was Thienen-Adlerflycht as she had gotten married to Konrad Christoph Thienen-Adlerflycht in exile.

While Isabella’s grandfather Otto Serényi was the governor of Moravia, Konrad Christoph’s grandfather prince Franz of Thun-Hohenstein was the governor of Bohemia at the same time.

Many members of the Serényi family held high positions in politics over the centuries and they often used their influence to improve conditions for locals. They also enfranchised the people of their manors from any socage and dues centuries prior to it becoming a law.

Both families always had a strong fondness for architecture and building, which can be seen not only in numerous family-built castles and manor houses around Europe, but also in the significance of the spa Luhačovice.

The descendants of Isabella and Konrad Christoph Thienen now live in Lomnice and Luhačovice.

4 generations, photo: Jiří Nováček