At the Maleniska pilgrimage site in Provodov, a replica of Plečnik’s bench which the Provodians placed in close proximity of linden tree of Slovenian-Czech Friendship planted near the church three years ago was ceremoniously unveiled on our property on Friday, October 22. The festive event, organized by the inhabitants of the village, was attended by J. E. Tanja Strniša, the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia in the Czech Republic, Radim Holiš, the Governor of the Zlín Region and other honorary guests.

The unusual story of Czech-Slovenian friendship began during one of the discussions that the Provodians traditionally hold in the period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve in a pub in Malenisko, to tell each other what they got to know and experienced. In 2015, two students shared their impressions of Slovenia and they amazed the audience to such an extent that a group of about twenty of them decided to set out for a journey with the goal to get to know the buildings of the famous Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik. They gradually visited Prague, Vienna and Ljubljana. They do not limit themselves to sightseeing tours only, the interest in Slovenia and its culture grew and continues to grow with new ideas.

The bench, which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside, is a replica of similar objects which can be found in Prague in the Hvězda game enclosure, as well as in a number of places in Ljubljana. The architect Radek Talaš only slightly adapted it to the Malenisky terrain in order to create a natural landscape together with the linden tree of friendship.

The meeting, which took place in a very friendly atmosphere, began with a welcome by the mayor of Provodov, Marek Prachař, and continued with the priest P. Pavel Martinka´s blessing of the bench and the participants of the event. Children of the local school participated in the event as well as the main organizers and initiators of the event – spouses Marie Zvoníčková and Jan Slovák.

We were happy to contribute and support the event, which is the result of the efforts of numerous Provodians, caring for close and distant friendships.

images : foto-jiri-balat