LHC T-S Luhačovice

Luhačovice is located 22 km south of Zlin and constitutes the beginning of the White Carpathians. The forests in Luhačovice are further divided into the areas Luhačovice and Ludkovice with a combined size of approximately 1500 hectares. Both areas are well reachable by truck and the train station of Uhersky Brod can be used for wagon loading.

The altitude varies from 400m to 672m above sea level. Currently, the forests comprise 46% Spruce, 18% beech, 17% oak, 8% larch, 4% pine, 2% fir, and 1% Douglas fir.

In the forestry district T-S Luhačovice we manage almost 632 hectares of high natural and cultural significance, as part of the White Carpathians region. This is of special importance in Luhačovice and its surrounding forests as they are home to the famous mineral springs of the spa.