LHC T-S Lomnice

Lomnice is located in South Moravia 33 km northeast of the city centre in Brno. The forests in Lomnice are further divided into the areas Lomnice and Sykoř, which have a combined size of approximately 1500 hectares. The forests are easy to reach by truck and there are two train stations nearby, Tišnov and Nedvedice, that can be used for wagon loading.

The altitude varies from 300m to 704m above sea level. Currently, the forests comprise 52% spruce, 18% beech, 9% oak, 5% larch, 4% maple, 4% ash, 3% hornbeam, 2% pine the rest is made up mainly from fir and Douglas fir.

In the forestry district T-S Lomnice we manage almost 230 hectares of increased natural importance. This is divided into 51 hectares of Nature Reserves (Přirodni Rezervace) and 177 hectares of Nature Protection Zones (Přirodni Pamatka).