Over 3000 hectares of sustainable and efficiently managed forests, preserved for centuries…

We aim on creating “close to nature forests”, which means that every stand should be mixed, not only in species but also in age classes. The concept behind this is to work with nature instead of against it.

The natural regeneration of a forest is supported by carefully opening the forest cover by extracting single trees, to allow more sunlight and water to reach the soil. Therefore, clear cuts are avoided wherever possible as they destabilise a forest significantly. Further, the disturbed microclimate aggravates the natural regeneration of trees, while facilitating attacks from parasites such as the bark beetle.

A mixed close to nature forest is more stable in case of a storm, it offers a wide variety of species, which is better for the ecosystem and diversifies the ecological and economical risk in times of a changing climate.

However, the current crisis in forestry resulted in a mass mortality of Spruce, the main species for centuries and is therefore, a major setback in our path to create a “close to nature forest”. Nonetheless, in any crisis lies an opportunity of restarting and reimagining old ways of thinking. As a result, we try to plant tomorrows forest in high diversity by trying to expect the future´s climate today. In the last three years we accordingly, planted 233.909 trees, built 24 km of fences to protect the young trees from game, until we are able to reduce the population to a state that allows the forest to rejuvenate itself.

Our forests are divided into two forestry districts (LHC):

LHC T-S Lomnice estate
LHC T-S Luhačovice estate