Dear inhabitants of the city Luhačovice and visitors of this web site,

in this section you will find information and reactions regarding Luhačovice castle situation. We would like to explain various disinformation campaigns and false information about our relations with Elementary Art School and the city of Luhačovice here. Below you will find the reaction to the article in the November issue of Luhačovice newspapers with the headline “Statement of the city management on the lawsuit concerning the condition of the castle“. We asked the newspaper to publish our answer twice. Unfortunately without success. We would therefore like to give you the opportunity to take our perspective into account as well. The whole matter might be a series of misunderstandings and a sad example of unsuccessful communication. Despite the unfavorable development so far, our family has not lost its strong ties with the city of Luhačovice and the responsibility to the legacy of ancestors. Once the situation around pandemic is more favourable, we would like to invite you to the castle during our Doors open day, so you can form your own opinion.

Request for publication from the letter of our lawyers dated 30. 11. 2020

Response and invitation to the town representatives from 17. 12. 2020